Feb. 28, 2019 Price forecast | 2 weeks: -0.23% | 1 month: 0.06% | 3 months: 0.28%

VSH stock forecast

Our latest prediction for Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.'s stock price was made on the Feb. 28, 2019 when the stock price was at 21.92$.

In the short term (2weeks), VSH's stock price should underperform the market by -0.23%. During that period the price should oscillate between -4.52% and +4.74%.

In the medium term (3months), VSH's stock price should outperform the market by 0.28%. During that period the price should oscillate between -10.78% and +14.08%.

About Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. engages in the manufacture and distribution of discrete semiconductors and passive components. It operates through the following segments: MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor), Diodes, Optoelectronic Components, Resistors, Inductors, and Capacitors. The MOSFET segment offers semiconductors which function as solid state switches to control power. The Diodes segment produces semiconductors which route, regulate, and block radio frequency, analog, and power signals, protect systems from surges or electrostatic discharge damage, and provide electromagnetic interference filtering. The Optoelectronic Components segment includes components that emit light, detect light, or do both. The Resistors and Inductors segment deals with components that impede electric current. The Capacitors segment provides components which store energy and discharge it when needed. The company was founded by Felix Zandman in 1962 and is headquartered in Malvern, PA.

At the moment the company generates 3035M USD in revenues.

On its last earning announcement, the company reported a profit of 2.24$ per share.

The book value per share is 10.15$

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Three months stock forecastFeb. 28, 2019


Revenue USD Gross Margin Operating Income Operating Margin Net Income Earnings Per Share Dividends Payout Ratio Shares Book Value Per Share Operating Cash Flow Cap Spending Free Cash Flow
3035M 29.30% 485M 16.00% 346M 2.24 0.32 94.20% 155M 10.15 259M -230M 29M