About theMaven, Inc.

theMaven, Inc. engages in the development of online media channels. Its channel is operated by an invite only channel partner, drawn from subject matter experts, reporters, group evangelists and social leaders. The company was founded by James C. Heckman Jr. in 1990 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

At the moment the company doesn't generate any revenue.

On its last earning announcement, the company reported a loss of -0.48$ per share.

The book value per share is 0.13$

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Revenue USD Gross Margin Operating Income Operating Margin Net Income Earnings Per Share Dividends Payout Ratio Shares Book Value Per Share Operating Cash Flow Cap Spending Free Cash Flow
- -825.90% -11M - -11M -0.48 - - 21M 0.13 -7M -2M -9M