Oct. 29, 2020 Price forecast | 2 weeks: -0.46% | 1 month: -1.56% | 3 months: -0.24%

DXCM stock forecast

Our latest prediction for Dexcom Inc's stock price was made on the Oct. 29, 2020 when the stock price was at 335.29$.

In the short term (2weeks), DXCM's stock price should underperform the market by -0.46%. During that period the price should oscillate between -8.04% and +9.09%.

In the medium term (3months), DXCM's stock price should underperform the market by -0.24%. During that period the price should oscillate between -28.31% and +19.49%.

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About Dexcom Inc

DexCom, Inc. is a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. It operates internationally with headquarters in San Diego, California. Dexcom was founded in 1999 by Scott Glenn, John Burd, Lauren Otsuki, Ellen Preston and Bret Megargel. In 2006, Dexcom received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval and launched the Dexcom STS Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, which is a three-day sensor that provides up to 288 glucose measurements for every 24 hours. Dexcom received approval of the second generation product, the Seven Continuous Glucose Monitoring System in May 2007. This device improves on accuracy and extending usage from three to seven days. In 2008, Dexcom announced two consumer development agreements with Insulet Corporation and Animas Corporation as well as a development agreement with Edwards Lifesciences for a continuous glucose monitor in the intensive care unit hospital environment. During February 2009, Dexcom received approval for the Seven Plus Continuous Glucose Monitor, of its new continuous glucose monitoring system from the FDA. This product received a CE mark in November 2009. In 2013, development to integrate with Insulet discontinued. Dexcom entered a non-exclusive agreement with Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. in 2015 to allow the integration of its new G5 and G6 continuous glucose monitoring systems into Tandem's insulin pumps. The G5 was approved in 2016 by the FDA for use as a standalone device, while the G6 gained approval in 2018.

At the moment the company generates 1820M USD in revenues.

On its last earning announcement, the company reported a profit of 2.44$ per share.

The book value per share is 5.46$

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Three months stock forecastOct. 29, 2020


Revenue USD Gross Margin Operating Income Operating Margin Net Income Earnings Per Share Dividends Payout Ratio Shares Book Value Per Share Operating Cash Flow Cap Spending Free Cash Flow
1820M 65.40% 297M 16.30% 231M 2.44 - - 96M 5.46 447M -183M 264M