Sept. 25, 2023 Price forecast | 2 weeks: 1.06% | 1 month: 0.70% | 3 months: 2.88%

CMP stock forecast

Our latest prediction for Compass Minerals International Inc's stock price was made on the Sept. 25, 2023 when the stock price was at 26.95$.

In the short term (2weeks), CMP's stock price should outperform the market by 1.06%. During that period the price should oscillate between -6.24% and +3.61%.

In the medium term (3months), CMP's stock price should outperform the market by 2.88%. During that period the price should oscillate between -19.77% and +10.53%.

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About Compass Minerals International Inc

compass minerals (nyse: cmp) ( is a leading provider of essential minerals that provide solutions to nature’s challenges, including salt for winter roadway safety and other consumer, industrial and agricultural uses, and specialty plant nutrition minerals that improve the quality and yield of crops. the company produces its minerals at locations throughout the u.s. and canada and in the u.k. based in the kansas city metropolitan area, the company provides bulk treated and untreated highway deicing salt to customers in north america and the united kingdom and plant nutrients to growers worldwide. compass minerals also produces consumer deicing and water conditioning products, consumer and commercial culinary salt, and other mineral-based products for consumer, agricultural and industrial applications. in addition, the company provides records management services to businesses throughout the united kingdom. though the company’s history stretches back as far as

At the moment the company doesn't generate any revenue.

On its last earning announcement, the company reported a profit of 0.19$ per share.

The book value per share is 16.26$

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Three months stock forecastSept. 25, 2023


Revenue USD Gross Margin Operating Income Operating Margin Net Income Earnings Per Share Dividends Payout Ratio Shares Book Value Per Share Operating Cash Flow Cap Spending Free Cash Flow
- - 81M - 10M 0.19 0.44 303.20% 41M 16.26 - - -