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PhotoTwo economists are walking down the street. One spots a $100 bill on the ground. "Hey," he says to his friend, "There's a hundred bucks lying on the ground!" "Don't be silly," the other replies, "If there were a hundred dollars on the ground, someone would have picked it up already!" The two economists keep walking down the street.

At AIStockFinder we don't believe in the strong form of the efficient market hypothesis. We believe in punctual opportunities, driven by events. Our artificial intelligence algorithm produces its forecasts based on 140 variables to yield high quality buy and sell signals.

Three frequently asked questions

We are making this algorithm public to advertise it, in order to sell it at auction. Once the algorithm will be sold, our services will be terminated.
We are currently trading our algorithm with a capital lower than 100K$.
According to our calculations, the algorithm is scalable well over 20M$ of AUM. In the hands of the right manager, our proprietary algorithm is worth more than in our hands, regarding our AUM.



Our mission is to provide our clients with high quality trading signals. We provide both long and short signals, in the US equity market.



The revolution in artificial intelligence and the availability of large data sets is setting up the ground for the end of the equity analyst position. Artificial intelligence came now to an efficiency point where it is capable to consistently outperform analysts.



At AIStockFinder, our main value is the intellectual honesty. Our results and performances are not biased. Any signal provided by AIStockFinder will remain in its database, having been an unsuccessful trade or a successful one. At the end of the day, trading the equity market is a probabilistic game and only a market-outperforming algorithm is worth trading.

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Our engineers are individuals holding master degrees in finance, engineering, IT, data analyst, market microstructure… The web is a place full of data, waiting to be scrapped. The revolution in artificial intelligence allows us to run analysis of those data like never before.

Data mining
Artificial intelligence
Financial market microstructure

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